• Spirgrips - Ergonomic handles pour MTB and Road in composite
SPIRGRIPS® are unique ergonomic grips that give you the comfort you have been looking for.

The clean lines of the grip will blend perfectly on your bike.


The ultimate goal of SPIRGRIPS® is to provide unsurpassed comfort for cyclists, eliminating joint and muscle pain in the wrists and forearms.


The Handles increase control and safety while riding, aerodynamics for road version and easy access to brake levers for MTB.


The concept is based on scientific studies carried out by specialized sports medicine professionals.


SPIRGRIPS® is the result of five years of research. Feedback from our customers stays a priority and fundamental in the development of future products.


The use of the SPIRGRIPS® handles is approved by UCI in moutain bike competitions.

Willingen Bike Festival

The Spirgrips Team is looking forward to welcome you at the Bike Festival Willingen - Germany from May 27 till May 29, 2016. We will offer you a...

Les poignées Spirgrips approuvées en compétition de VTT par l'UCI

La dernière autorisation actualisée de l'UCI pour l'utilisation des SPIRGRIPS dans les compétitions de VTT a été approuvée le 03.05.2016.

Spirgrips médaille d'or du 44ème Salon des Inventions de Genève

Le Jury International du 44ème Salon des Inventions de Genève, formé de 85 experts, a décerné une médaille d'or à Spirgrips en se basant notamment...

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