Frequently Asked Questions

SPIRGRIPS® are bike handles designed to improve posture and ergonomics while you ride your bike.

The shape of these small inner bar grips is designed to correct the position of the hands, naturally aligning the joints of the forearms. Hand position has a huge impact on the cyclist’s comfort and is key in preventing joint and muscle pain.

SPIRGRIPS® are for everyone, from PRO to AMATEUR. Whether you climb mountains or bike to work, cyclists have seen benefits of using SPIRGRIPS® after just a few kilometers. After all, everyone deserves to ride in a better way!

Installing SPIRGRIPS® is easy and quick, you just need a hex key. And your bike, of course!

View the instructions for MTB

View the instructions for roadbike

SPIRGRIPS® One and SPIRGRIPS®+ fit all straight handlebars of circular shape with a diameter range of either 22.2mm (0.87″) for the MTB model or 31.8mm (1.25″) for the Road model. You will need 17mm of space next to your standard grip to fit SPIRGRIPS®.

No! SPIRGRIPS® offer an alternative position on the handlebars without replacing or changing anything to the standard grips. The main goal was to ensure the user would not have to modify his cycling habits at all. The cyclist has therefore the choice to use SPIRGRIPS® when she or he wants, maintaining brake access at any time.

SPIRGRIPS® One MTB and Road models weight 94gr and 117gr respectively.

SPIRGRIPS®+ weights are below 70gr for the composite version and approx. 50gr for the carbon one.

SPIRGRIPS® One is the original model, enabling you to reach the ideal ergonomic position while riding your bike.

SPIRGRIPS®+ comes as a premium addition to SPIRGRIPS® One. While the ergonomic concept remains similar, SPIRGRIPS®+ innovation is a removable comfort pad and improved materials with notably a carbon model.

The pad is the novelty of SPIRGRIPS®+. Its purpose is to give greater ergonomics and adapt more into the cyclist’s hand. It’s made with a low shore material, very soft to the touch, it will really turn every bike ride into true comfort. 

The pad can also be removed for saving weight and increase performances.